Friday, July 13, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCIL-Christmas In July 2007

What is with all these angel doodles? What is this, the fifth or sixth one I've featured during Christmas In July 2007? I certainly didn't plan it this way. Back on the first, or maybe on the second, I pulled a bunch of Christmas records out of the stack of stuff I'd bought this year, and found about 20 with nice doodles on them. I scanned them all in and I've been working from that pool ever since. So it's pretty much just by chance that we've ended up with so many angels. When I run out of pre-scanned doodles, I'll make sure to try and pull more doodles than are angel-free. But until then, you're stuck. I even peeked ahead, and there are more angels to come. Today's angel is a real beaut, and she's from the back of Christmas In Poland-Directed by Rev. Henry A. Waraksa and featuring The Schola Cantorum Of SS. Cyril And Methodius Seminary (Capitol DT 10198). This angel pretty much covers the entire flip side of the sleeve, with all the liner notes, credits and track lists crammed in on either side.

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