Monday, March 26, 2007

The Last Week Of March

Here's the calendar page for this, the last week in March. These flowers come from one of my favorite flowering trees, the Bombax. Each year in February, these huge trees explode in red blossoms, each one the size of your hand. It's really quite impressive.


Sunlion said...

Ernie (not Bert),

The flowers from the Bombax, do they have any scent, and can you describe it? Here in Western New York, near Buffalo, the crocus have come and gone already, and the Hyacinths and Daffodils are already blooming. It was 73 degrees outside today! Amazing for a location know more for it's snowfall possibilities, ranging from as early as mid-October to as late as mid-May!
Thank you for sharing your photographs!

Ernie said...

I don't remember any specific smell. But then I was afraid to stick my nose down near one of the flowers. There were bees everywhere, going after the rather thick nectar that was almost dripping off of each flower.

Glad the weather is nice there. It's already too hot here. Pretty sure it hit 85 today.

Anonymous said...

I flew down from Ohio to visit Tampa Bay relatives in late January and the Bombax known locally (Clearwater) as the Kapok Tree was just starting to bloom. Quite a spectacular sight, and up close the flowers looked fake-otherworldly; I'm thinking Lost In Space or something.

Great blog - Plenty Big Variety.