Monday, August 15, 2005

From The Hi-Fi

This is not normally a music blog (well, not a shared music blog, anyway), but since I featured the doodle (click the link for all the details about the LP) from the back of this LP, it hasn't been far from my turntable, my CD player, or my PC. So I've decided to share it out. If it goes well, and everybody loves it, maybe I'll share out more of the obscure, out-of-print LPs that I like to talk about here on the blog. I'm also sharing this because I could find so little info on the recording out there on the web, and everyone I played it for enjoyed it. Something to note on this LP is that tracks 4, 7 & 9 are written by Antonio Carlos Jobim. I don't know if the scan is detailed enough for you to be able to read that. If anyone comes up with a date for this record, please let me know.

So, without further ado, click here (or here) to download the LP via YouSendIt. The zip file contains all 12 tracks in MP3 format at 128Kbps, front and back cover scans, a detail scan of the doodle, and links back to my blog. If there is enough demand once the YouSendIt links expire, I may repost, but I make no guarantees.


Stephen said...

Thanks a lot, Ernie! "What have I gotten myself into" indeed!

Anonymous said...

Starting at the beginning and moving forward, this appears to have been the first album posted to this blog and it seems to have vanished a long time ago as well.

Sounds very interesting.

Was it ever reposted to rapidshare?

Ernie said...

I reshared it at this newer post via RapidShare: