Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oodles of Doodles LIV-Christmas In July

We've got another color doodle for you today. This one is all in green, which was easy for them to print since the whole back cover, text and all, is green instead of black. The Color Of Money, you might say. (Well, not so much any more.) This sketch is from For A Musical Merry Christmas, Volume 4 (RCA Victor PRS-253, 1967), and it could be purchased from your local B.F. Goodrich dealer way back when. These gas station, tire, grocery or hardware store compilations were all the rage at one time, but today they are thrift store staples. Very few of them feature doodles, but this one is an exception. I think these sorts of compilations are still being made, but today they show up in places like Dillard's or Pottery Barn. I guess Ace Hardware still makes them, too, but nowadays they are all on CD.

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