Friday, July 22, 2005

Oodles of Doodles L-Christmas In July

You read it right, this is doodle number fifty! To mark this milestone, we've got the biggest, most intricate doodle yet. This one took three different scans to piece together, and you really have to click the picture above to take you to the bigger picture to be able to appreciate everything that's going on in this dilly of a doodle. This doodle took up most of the backside of Jo Stafford With Paul Weston And His Music From Hollywood, The Norman Luboff Choir And The Starlighters-Ski Trails (Columbia CL 910, 1956). It's not purely a Christmas LP, but the tracks are either Christmas songs or at least winter-themed. And the doodle is tightly tied to the title since it shows you many of the popular ski resorts in the then-current 48 states. And they even threw in some water skiers for those of us in Florida who've never seen snow, much less mountains. If you look at this doodle long enough, you'll see wonderful little details like skiers with broken legs or a couple sunbathing with their skis as lounge chairs or cars stuck in the snow or even a jokester about to cut the tow rope on the water skiers. This is certainly a picture that rewards a detailed viewing. The signature on this sketch is Donald F. Moss, who appears to have been an artist employed by Sports Illustrated for many years. (It may not be the same fellow, but there's a good chance it is.) The main recording artist is Jo Stafford, all those other people comprise the orchestra, backup singers and chorus. Jo is actually married to Paul Weston, so his presence here is no surprise.

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Stephen said...

Nice one, Ernie. Makes me think of "Holiday on Skis".