Wednesday, July 07, 2021

July The Seventh

Hope you folks are enjoying this walk through the long history of Christmas in July here at Ernie (Not Bert). I know it may be boring to those of you who've been around these many years, but it's a nice little primer for the new folks. And I'm really proud of some of these old collections.  Each one is a nice collection of Christmas tunes that you're fairly unlikely to stumble across elsewhere. Some of these things now are so familiar to me that I can't help but think of Christmas when I hear them, so I'm a little biased when I call them Christmas music. I hope you'll agree with me after listening to everything in context and seeing how it all fits together in the mix. Well, it's not like I spent a lot of time trying to sequence these collections. I just try to alternate instrumentals and vocals while not repeating the same songs or artists over and over again. And even those rules get broken sometimes. I also try not to repeat songs on the best-of's, but I think I've found at least one track that appears twice, though the name escapes me. I discovered it when I put all the best of collections into a single playlist, then sorted it by artist.  Kinda jumps out at you then. Anyhow, this is a collection of songs I discovered and shared in  2009.  I hope you'll find something exciting here to listen to, and it takes you back to those simpler times a decade ago before we all had to worry about our condos collapsing or global warming creating bigger & badder hurricanes. As usual, the linked songs below will take you to the day they were first shared, though I'm sure those old shares are long broken.

1. The Weavers-Santa Claus Is Coming (It's Almost Day)
2. John Klein, Orchestra And Chorus By Leo Addeo-Sweet Nutcracker!
3. Perry Como With The London Boy Singers-Christmas Dream
4. 101 Strings-Ski Run
5. Larry Chesky And His Orchestra-Sun Valley Polka
6. Johnny Dyno-Jingle Bells-Polka
7. Tom T. Hall-Christmas Is
8. Skitch Henderson, His Piano And Orchestra-I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
9. The McGuire Sisters With Orchestra Directed By Dick Jacobs-Children's Holiday
10. The Honolulu Symphony Orchestra Conducted By George Barati-Mele Kalikimaka
11. Roger Miller-Footprints In The Snow
12. The Duluth Accordionaires, Directed By John Copiskey-Brazilian Sleigh Bells
13. Lockhart Cougar Chorus-Will The Real Santa Please Stand Up
14. The Merrill Staton Voices-That Man Over There
15. David Rose And His Orchestra-The Sad, Sad Rocking Horse
16. Eddie Albert-Let There Be Peace On Earth
17. Fay McKay-Twelve Daze Of Christmas
18. Dick Shawn, Arranged And Conducted By Milton DeLugg-My Favorite Things
19. Jane Morgan-The Marvelous Toy
20. Anna Russell With Eugene Rankin And Arthur Hoberman-Let Us Hang The Holly
21. The Ray Charles Singers-A Toy For A Boy
22. Jack Shaindlin Conducting The Cinerama Symphony Orchestra-Hup-Sa-Sa
23. Leroy Anderson-Song Of The Bells
24. Merle Haggard-Blue Christmas
25. Kurt Wege & His Orchstra-Sleigh Ride
26. Ernie Maxwell-The Bells Of St. Mary
27. Esquivel, His Piano And His Orchestra-Snowfall
28. Ray Bohr-Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
29. Polyphon Music Box-Silent Night
30. Jimmy Soul-Rockin' Santa
31. Eddie Lawrence, The Old Philosopher-What Do You Want For Christmas



Huh, this collection doesn't seem to have a New Year's Eve track at the end, I must not have been able to find anything good to share that year. No Chanukah track, either. Must not have been a good year for the holiday records.


Buster said...

Yes, but it does have Eddie Lawrence at the end! I think he made more than one Christmas record. I know I have one 45 and I don't believe it's this one.

Ernie said...

I think this track was on a single at some point, and there was more than one Christmas single. I shared one once, but someone didn't like it and the powders that be yanked it down.