Thursday, August 06, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-44

Another day, another stack of boxes moved. I'm starting to see some progress, so that's good.  And we're almost to the end of Christmas in July! I guess that's a sad thing, but all good things must come to an end eventually.  There are only 10 files in the share tonight, but they are good ones, trust me.  Here's the link, see you again tomorrow.


Stubby said...

Tonight's second half kicked tonight's first half's ass. Love seeing (hearing) Bob Brookmeyer. And Ceil Cabot was an unexpected delight--never heard that track that I can recall (no year on it?)...not that its Christmas specific, but I really really liked it. I may even have to steal it for one of my mixes.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Yes, that "Season's Greetings" wasn't quite what I expected. It's......relatable.

Ernie said...

Thanks, Stubby, that's high praise coming from you! I believe the Julius Monk stuff was some sort of underground theater, I've seen a couple of others, they all feature similar cover art. I was excited to see something I could share on one, finally. Plenty of Christmas content there, but more about holidays in general, that's for sure. And then the jazz stuff, I had hoped to do a full share of jazz at one point, but never found enough.

MOQChoir said...

Thanks again, Ernie, for all your excellent work and wonderful shares.

In a tiny effort to provide something of a playlist, I grabbed what I could from the file properties and am listing it below.

*Wassail Song : Frankford High School A Cappella Choir-Robert G. Hamilton, Director ; Ambassadors Of Song '63-'64 ; R. Vaughan Williams
*Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring ; Leopold Stokowski Conducting The New Symphony Orchestra Of London With The Norman Luboff Choir ; Inspiration-Great Music For Chorus And Orchestra ; J.S. Bach-Choral Arrangement: Norman Luboff
*Ave Maria ; Men's Glee Club-John R. Grigsby, Conductor ; The University Of Florida Men's Glee Club & Women's Glee Club ; T.L. daVittoria
*March Of The Toys ; The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor ; A Festival Of Marches
*Offertorium ; The Slovakaires, Organ Accompaniment By Sr. M. Eugene Prolop, O.S.F. ; Christmas With The Slovakaires
*The Things We Did Last Summer ; The Art Van Damme Quintet ; They're Playing Our Song ; Cahn-Styne
Winter ; Al Cohn Quintet Featuring Bob Brookmeyer, Valve Trombone ; Al Cohn Quintet ; Al Cohn
*Seasons' Greetings ; Ceil Cabot With William Roy And Carl Norman At Plural Pianos ; Julius Monk Presents "Pieces-Of-Eight" ; Rod Warren
*Holiday Polka ; Will Glahé And His Orchestra ; The Big Polka Band Hits ; Glahé
*I Wonder As I Wander ; Princeton Theological Seminary Choir-Dr. David Hugh Jones, Director ; Princeton Seminary Choir ; Arr. J.J. Niles And Lewis Henry Horton

Ernie said...

Thanks for the list, Mr. Choir.

From Wikipedia, the date for the Julius Monk/Ceil Cabot is 1959. Must have missed that when I ripped it, or just forgot...

Buster said...

Julius Monk did a number of revues at a place called Upstairs at the Downstairs in the 50s, including the one that spawned the Ceil Cabot number you posted. I have several of the albums and keep meaning to transfer them.

Patrick said...

I finally got around to listening to the last two shares of the season. I was moving in mid-August and haven't had time to wrap up the season. I'm echoing others' comments by saying that it's been great to discover these songs throughout July. Thanks for taking the time to share these. My "best of" folder contains more than 70 songs that I'll have to pare down in the coming months. It's been a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what you'll be sharing or re-sharing in December. See you soon!