Monday, July 09, 2018

Christmas In July 2018-Day 09

I'm not even sure what day this is.  Day 9. Monday, yeah, I think it's a Monday.  It's also another day during Christmas in July, so here goes!

1. Hallelujah Chorus by The Real Thing Steel Band from their LP The Clay House Inn Presents The Real Thing Steel Band (Edmar WLPS 1111, Stereo).  You liked the Nutcracker stuff performed on the steel drums, so here's some Handel for you!

2. Gesu Bambino by The Placentia Presbyterian Chancel Choir-Ruth White Miller, Director-Baritone Solo By Ross Raymond, Alto Solo By Marge Somerville, from Christmas Chimes "N Other Times (Monarch Records DBP-226, Stereo, 1977).  I've got plenty of these local groups this year.  They're always good for a track or two.

3. Jolly Sleigh Ride by Six Fat Dutchmen from Merry Polkas (RCA Victor LPM-1418, Mono, 1957).  I paid too much for this record at an expensive record store here in Sarasota.  But when I say the song title, I knew I had to have it.  I've shared out a couple of other tracks from this ensemble over the years, but this one was new to me!

4. It's Now Winter's Day by Tommy Roe, the title track from It's Now Winter's Day (ABC Records ABCS-594/ST-91146, Stereo, 1967).  This was one of the few records I found at a recent fundraiser for the community radio station in Tampa this year.  It was in bad shape, but I knew I needed the stereo version. Lot's a stereo going on in this one, too, so it was worth it!

5. The Things We Did Last Summer, a rare Christmas-adjacent track by Lesley Gore from My Town, My Guy & Me (Mercury MG 21042, Mono. 1965).  Sometimes these things just fall into my lap when I'm not looking...

6. Button Up Your Overcoat by Eddie Layton At The Hammond Organ, from his album Skatin' With Layton (Mercury SR 60258, Stereo, 1960).  I don't think I've shared out this song too much in the past, but I've warmed up to it in the past year or so.  So here it is!

7. Skater's Waltz (Die Schlittschuhl√§ufer), Op. 183 by Vienna State Opera Orchestra (Volksoper)-Anton Paulik, Conductor, from the album Gold And Silver-Great Waltzes Of The Old World (Vanguard VRS-1002, Mono, 1957).  Lots of stuff on the Vanguard label this year for some reason.

8. Overture Miniature by Alfred Wallenstein Conducting The Virtuoso Symphony Of London from Romeo And Juliet Fantasy Overture-The Nutcracker Suite (Audio Fidelity (Mexico) FCS 50,006, Stereo, 1959).  Interesting to see what music they've paired up with The Nutcracker over the years to fill out an album.

9. Waltz Of The Flowers And Dance Of The Reed Pipes (The Nutcracker Suite) by Lamoureux Orchestra Of Paris, Conducted By Georges Tzipine, from the LP The Romantic Music Of Fritz Kreisler/Familiar Themes From Tchaikovsky (Capitol P-397, Mono, 1953). Two Nutcracker tracks for the price of one!

10. Arabian Dance (Nutcracker Suite) by Carmen Dragon Conducting The Capitol Symphony Orchestra from Orientale (Capitol P-8453, Mono, 1963).  I'm sure I have this in stereo somewhere, and have probably shared it before, but mono was the only copy I had in the stacks.

And that's your ten tracks for tonight!  Hope you find something good in there!



barba said...

i stand corrected. there IS something better than pan-tonal tchaikovsky: pan-tonal handel. good stuff. i love old caribbean christmas tunes. one i used to secretly spin for friends is not so difficult to come by these days due to the wonders of youtube. if anyone hasn’t heard “party for santa claus” by lord nelson from 1963, it’s worth clicking the link below.

i don't normally post links, if doing so is considered bad form, i’ll refrain from such in the future.

Buster said...

When I got to number seven, I thought, "Goodness, no Nutcracker today?" Then I got to number eight and the deluge began.

I think my parents may have had that Anton Paulik LP. At least they had one by him. As soon as cassette recorders came out, I started making mix tapes for my own amusement. I included one of the Johann Strauss cuts, but recorded it at 45 rpm because I liked the livelier tempo better.

Love that Tommy Roe cut.

Kwork said...

This is awesome! Thanks.