Thursday, December 07, 2017

The End Of Last Year

I believe this was the very last thing I posted before Christmas last year, about the time folks quit thinking about Christmas music and turn their thoughts to the coming year.  It was also one of the very few shares that stayed live all through 2017 which means people kept downloading it all year long, at least once every thirty days.  That's pretty unique among all the music I share with you guys, and this is a unique record.  It's all original Christmas music, and it's all pretty interesting.  It sounds to my ears like the soundtrack to a TV special that never was, though I remember finding a mention somewhere online that it had been optioned for a TV special at one point that never happened.  I've been trying not to revisit too much of the stuff from last year just to give you fresh new stuff, but I figure this one is worth highlighting for those folks who may be new or missed it somehow.  (There's a ton of stuff from last year still available in the archives from last year. I went through and reloaded a bunch of it in the past few weeks, so be sure you scroll back through it, there are gems to be had!)  Here once again is The Chuck Bird Orchestra And Singers-The Spirit Of Christmas (Santa Records SC3131, Stereo, 1976).

1. A Holly Holly Holly Holly Day
2. Snow Flakes
3. Under The Mistletoe
4. A Christmas Lullaby
5. A Toy Train
6. How Much Longer
7. The North Pole Polka
8. A Perfect Christmas Tree
9. Merrily On His Way
10. The Echo Of Christmas
11. The Elf Parade
12. Merry Christmas



Kwork said...

Ernie, this was actually one of my favorite shares from you last year, so am very glad you're giving this one another notice so that people who might have missed it last year can be reminded of it. Thank you.
If I could suggest another post for revisiting, I think that the Burl Ives Christmas at the White House needs another mention. Some of the arrangements on that rare Burl are quite nice, and it's a good alternative for those who mostly know him through the Rudolph soundtrack, and/or his more poppy remake of Holly Jolly Christmas. I agree with you when you called him one of the great voices of Christmas. So far, that appears to be one of the 2016 links you haven't refreshed as of yet. Just an idea.

Craftypants Carol said...

This was one of my fave shares from last year too. It makes me so happy whenever it comes on in my massive xmas playlist (which is massive in large part thanks to you!). Thank you so much for sharing everything that you do. I look forward to everything you post.

Sarah said...

After reading your post as well as the comments, I'm really looking forward to listening to this one. Thank you!