Sunday, August 20, 2017

RIP Jerry Lewis

I awoke from a short nap this afternoon to find that Jerry Lewis had passed away.  Like many, my memory of him starts with seeing him on TV all day on that holiday right near the beginning of school.  I eventually saw his movies and learned about his partnership with Dean Martin, but that was all later.  My current obsession with all things Christmas music led me to seek out his Christmas single from 1952.  I just recently found the 45 at the Salvation Army store, so I decided to rip that single and another one I found the same day.  Nothing unique here, all of it was collected up on his Capitol Collector's Series volume.  But it's nice to see the original labels and listen to the clicks and scratches.  Rest in Peace, Jerry.



Buster said...

Thanks, Ernie. I've been a record collector since I was a very small tyke, and one of the relatively early items in my collection was Jerry's Decca 1956 record of Rockabye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody / Come Rain or Come Shine. It was only much later that I realized he was paying homage to Al Jolson with the first song.

Ralph Zubiate said...

Sad news. I remember somebody in the music blog/sharity community once put together a Martin and Lewis compilation, called "Pardners." I never did get it, and of course I'd love to find it. Does anyone know wha
t blog hosted it? Thanks.

Kwork said...

Thank you Ernie. Jerry Lewis was the annual voice of my childhood as a kid with the MD Telathon. Jerry's Kids indeed. I only later knew he even had a career outside of that. Thank you for this extra special bonus.