Sunday, August 13, 2017

Christmas In July 2017 Day 44

Hello, and welcome to day 44!  Hopefully I've got the count right after doubling up on day 42, but we'll see.  Got a long share for you today, so let's see what I've got.

1. Away In A Manger by Monnajean McIlwain from Ten Thousand Angels-Christmas And Gospel Favorites (Mus-I-Col 103727/103728, Stereo).  We may as well get her out of the way first.  I almost forgot to put her in the share...

2. December by Aileen Fisher from the collection Poetry Parade-Poets Read Their Poetry For Children (Weston Woods Studios 2xLP ww703 & ww704, Mono).  She sure did like her seasonal poetry, especially winter.

3. Winter Wonderland by Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians from Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians Sing America's Favorite Songs (Reader's Digest 8xLP RDA-238 "Courtesy Of Capitol Records Inc.", Stereo, 1981).  I think Fred is the artist who I have the most tracks left to share.  Lucky fellow.

4. Where In The World by Bill Larson With The Kennedy Space Center Chorus, Directed By Arthur C. Benington, from Voices Of Space (Century Records 32909, Stereo).  Almost done with this one, I think.  But I also think I've said that before.

5. When Winter Comes by The San Sebastian Strings-Narrator: Gene Merlino, Vocal Solo: Anita Kerr, from The Sky (Warner Bros-Seven Arts WS 1720, Stereo, 1968).  This one is a collaboration between Rod McKuen and Anita Kerr, part of a trilogy, I believe.

6. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas by Morganna King from Everybody Loves Saturday Night (Ascot ALS 16020 (Reissue of United Artists 3028, 1959), Stereo, 1964).  Finally found this one in stereo for you, but still haven't seen that original issue from 1959 on UA.

7. Sint Nicolaas Potpourri (St. Nicholas Medley) by Mieke And Nina from Greetings From Holland (Monitor MFS 378, Stereo, 1962).  Sometimes, it's amazing to me what drops into my hands.  I have no idea why I would have picked up this LP, but there it was, a medley of Christmas music from The Netherlands.

8. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by Professional Chorus And Orchestra, Musical Director-Dale Warland, Organist-Paul Manz, from the LP set A Time For Singing (Commission On Worship And Church Music and The Commission On Public Communication Of The American Lutheran Church, Distributed Through Augsburg Publishing House 3xLP 5-5597, -5598, -5599, Stereo).  This is a huge collection of hymns, featuring one a week for more than a year's worth of singing.  There's no real name of the group performing this song, other than a note telling you they are professionals, hence the name.

9. Joy Of A Toy by The Soft Machine from their self-titled LP (Probe/Command/ABC Records CPLP-4500, Stereo, 1968).  Not sure how much it sounds like a Christmas song, but it's an interesting artifact.  And released in the US on Enoch Light's label!

10. In Dulci Jubilo by Oratorio Chorus Of The Guelph Light Opera Company-Charles M. Wilson, Mus. Doc., Director & Organist, from the album Songs For All Seasons (Guelph Light Opera Company GLOC 1968, Stereo).  Good stuff.

11. Holiday For Flutes by David Rose And His Orchestra from this LP The Very Best of David Rose (MGM SE-4155 aka ST-90641, Stereo, 1963).  You wanted holiday music on different instruments, then go back to the master himself!  And this isn't just another remake of Holiday For Strings, this is an entirely new song for flutes!  And I don't think this is a collection of old songs, I think it's new stereo re-recordings of old songs.

12. The Children's Marching Song (Nick, Nack, Paddy Whack) by Marty Gold And His Orchestra from his second contribution to the Stereo Action series Stereo Action Goes Hollywood (RCA Vcitor LSA-2381, Stereo, 1961).  I guess I think every children's song is a potential Christmas tune.

13. Ave Maria by Virgil Fox At The Organ Of The Riverside Church, New York, from the album God Of Our Fathers (Capitol SP 8578, Stereo, 1962).  This is the album that featured William Warfield on almost all the tracks that I didn't record...

14. Super Skier by The Chad Mitchell Trio With Jim McGuinn from Mighty Day On Campus (Kapp KL-1262, Mono, 1962).  Not Christmas at all, but certainly a good winter song.  And a personal favorite no matter the artist.

15. Sun Valley Jump by Glenn Miller And His Orchestra from Sun Valley Serenade (RCA Victor 10" 33 RPM LPT 3064, Mono, 1954).  I previously shared out a track from this record and wrote in the tags that it was spun at 45 RPM.  That's not correct, so I corrected this one, but you'll have to go in and correct the download for that other title.

16. Runaway Rocking Horse by David Carroll And His Orchestra from Toe Tappers (Mercury MG 20064, Mono, 1955).  When I played this I thought it sounded familiar so I went and checked.  Sure enough I've shared it out before, but didn't remember it.  So much for my infallible memory.

17. Moonlight In Vermont by Earl Grant from Midnight Earl (Decca DL 9201, Mono, 1958).  I think this is the last of the Earl I have for you this season.

And that's it.  I actually converted one more file to MP3 to share, but it turned out to be a New Year's title, so I've got to put it back into the pot to share out at the end.  Glad I caught it, though.  Here's the linky-link.  See you soon!



Badgercat said...

Thanks, Ernie. Glad I was browsing this afternoon before heading out to the grill to prepare some Sunday dinner. Really appreciate all of your tireless efforts.

barba said...

“the runaway rocking horse” was written by edward white and was commonly used as theme and background music in the 1950s. however, his most well-known work by far was “puffin’ billy”, first used by the bbc for childrens’ hour theme music, and quickly picked up by the american tv network cbs, becoming known to generations of snot-nosed little grubs as “the theme music to captain kangaroo”.

i was hoping for something more like ‘luna mezzo mare’ from morgana king. imagine my surprise when she sang ‘twas the night before christmas’ to the tune of ‘on top of old smokey’. but i guess i shouldn’t have been too surprised. heck, the kids in my neighborhood used to sing the same tune with another set of lyrics about liz taylor, eddie fisher, and debbie reynolds.

Kwork said...

Chad Mitchell Trio and the Soft Machine together. Love the eclecticism. Of course everything else too. Still not as much into the organ stuff, but I am trying! Thank you!