Saturday, August 05, 2017

Christmas In July 2017 Day 36

36 days?  This is getting crazy!  I didn't even plan on doing Christmas in July this year.  Every single song I've shared (except for the few I recovered from last year) has been ripped from record since the beginning for the month. And I've shared out a lot.  We're well ahead of any other year  But I'll be honest, I had to go out today and spend a few hours looking specifically for stuff to share here.  I'm almost out of records to record, so I don't see it going for too awful much longer.  But I'm not calling it yet, we'll see what happens.  Anyhow, I've got twenty more great tracks for you, and here they are.

1. White Christmas by Harry Koenig from the charity LP Piano Interpretations As Played By Harry Koenig (Album No. 1) (For The Koenig Cancer Research Foundation U-61869 This Record Is Not To Be Sold, Stereo).  Nice version, but I think it's too late to donate to his cause.  Not sure of a year on this one, but it was a long time ago.

2. Snowflakes Are Dancing (Children's Corner No. 4) by Tomita from Snowflakes Are Dancing-The Newest Sound Of Debussy (RCA Red Seal ARD1-0488 (Quadradisc), Quadraphonic, 1974).  I thought all the copies of this were in quad, but I saw one today that was in plain old stereo.

3. Sleigh Ride by Frederick Fennell Conducting The Eastman-Rochester "Pops" Orchestra from Music Of Leroy Anderson, Vol. 1 (Mercury Living Presence SR90009, Stereo, 1958).  They really must have liked Leroy Anderson, they made three volumes of his music.  Which is good for us, but still a lot.

4. My Favorite Things (From The Musical Production "The Sound Of Music") by The Richard Wolfe Children's Chorus from Puff The Magic Dragon And Other Songs Children Request (RCA Camden CAS-1088, Stereo, 1967).  These kids sang a lot.

5. Lawn As White As Driven Snow ("The Winter's Tale"; Act IV, Scene 3) by Maxine Sullivan from the LP Sullivan, Shakespeare, Hyman-Maxine Sullivan Sings The Songs Of William Shakespeare As Set To Music By Dick Hyman (Monmouth Evergreen MES/7038, Stereo, 1971).  I liked this LP a lot more than I expected.  I guess I was expecting something that sounded more like merry olde England, but it was fairly contemporary.

6. Dear Mister Santa Claus by Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra from Meredith Willson's Here's Love (London PS 330, Stereo, 1963).  Just found this one today, I had never seen it before.  Some good stuff on here, like this song that's not on the official cast LP!

7. The Christmas Symbol by The Concordia Choir-Paul J. Christiansen, Conductor-Soloist: Deborah Langemo from O Crux (Concordia Records/Mark MC-14005, Stereo).  Nothing really to say about this one, it's getting late.

8. Christmas Carols (In Czech, Hungarian, French And English) by The Budapest Children's Choir-Valeria Botka And Dr. Laszlo Czanyi, Directors, from the album Recorded "Live" The Budapest Children's Choir At Carnegie Hall-Choral Music Of The Seasons (RCA Victor Red Seal LSC-2861, Stereo, 1966).  I still don't remember sharing tracks from this LP before, but I did.  I guess I share too much to remember it all.

9. Beffutta Az Utat A Ho (The Wind Has Barred My Path With Snow) by Lendvay Kalman And His Gypsy Band from Tears Of A Gypsy (Westminster WST 15004, Stereo, 1958).  Is it the fiddle that makes it gypsy music?

10. Waltz Of The Flowers (From Nutcracker Suite) by Meyer Davis And His Orchestra from On With The Dance (ABC-Paramount ABC-197, Mono, 1958).  Is this the only track from The Nutcracker Suite I have for you tonight?  I doubt it.

11. The Story Of The Nutcracker by James Kenney from Story Time (Merry Records MR-009, Mono, 1963).  Nope, I guess not.

12. The Snows Of Fujiyama by Henry Cowell from The Piano Music Of Henry Cowell (Folkways FM 3349, Mono, 1963).  Looks like this was a reissue of something older.  Not sure who Henry Cowell was, I should really look these things up.

13. Skaters' Waltz by George And Madeline Brown from The Story Of The Music Box (Caedmon 10" 33 RPM w/ Book CB-2, Mono, 1952).  Yawn.  So late...

14. Northern Lights (Nordlicht), Polka by Zacharias And His Magic Violins from Hallo Scandinavia! (Polydor  (Germany) 46064 LPHM, Stereo, 1958).  Now this is good stuff!  I pulled it from a German release, but I believe I found an American issue of it just today.  It's amazing what I stumble across sometimes

15. Moonlight In Vermont by The Bud Shank Quartet With Bob Cooper from Jazz At Cal-Tech (Pacific Jazz PJ-1219, Mono, 1956).  I've kind of shied away from this track as a Christmas thing for a while, but I've warmed up to it a little this year.  Hope you don't mind.  The more the merrier, right?

16. Lord Christ, When First Thou Camest (December) by The Birmingham-Southern College Choir from Hymn Of The Month-Album 6 (Graded Press No Number, Mono, 1968).  It appears each year in this series was done by a different group.

17. Holidays by Mouseketeer Ensemble from Happy Birthday And Songs For Every Holiday (D*sneyland  DQ-1214, Mono, 1964).  Maybe shouldn't share stuff from the mouse, but here it is.

18. Holiday For Strings by The Peter London Orchestra-Arranged And Conducted By Art Harris from The Sound Of Top Brass (Kapp ML-7500, Mono, 1960).  Another song I've tried to shy away from a bit.

19. Cherry Tree Carol by The Mitchell Trio-Solo By Mike Kobluk from Typical American Boys (Mercury MG 20992, Mono, 1965).  I stumbled across a while collection of Chad Mitchell LPs today, I think I was able to grab pretty much everything they did with a holiday bent to it, unfortunately, not all in stereo.

20. Ave Maria by Marian Anderson from 60 Years Of "Music America Loves Best" (RCA Victor Red Seal 2xLP LM-6074, Mono, 1959).  This is I believe her original performance of this song.

And that's it.  I know I still owe you a tracklist form yesterdays share, but that's not going to happen tonight, I've not budgeted my time well today.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Here's the link, see you later.



Laurie said...

What a ride! You are incredible, Ernie!!!

gimpiero said...

Beautiful Chacksfield Ernie
Please share also "Pine Cones And Holly Berries!"

Buster said...

Re: Here's Love. I love finding songs that were not on the cast LPs, even from shows that I don't like all that much!

Harry said...

After traveling most of the month, got back to find an incredible trove of music of all types under the July holiday tree. Been trying to listen through all weekend, but there's so much. Many thanks to you Ernie for all your work and sharing.

You made a comment on day 21 about assembling a space age pop album. I hope one of these years you take that on. I can't imagine anyone with better resources or knowledge out there than you, and I'm sure I'm not the only fan of that genre that follows your blog.

Meanwhile, I keep listening, trying to catch up. You've included so much diversity in styles, and that makes this so much more interesting.



barba said...

it looks like the year for the harry koenig rendition of ‘white christmas’ is 1970:

i had to look him up because i didn’t think it was him. even now, i have to say that he does the best jonathan edwards (sans darlene) impersonation that i’ve ever heard.

as long as i was at it, i looked up henry cowell. nothing funny about him. he had quite a life. wikipedia has him, if interested.

and something from alt-way isney-day. wow. ernie’s got a pair of EEEEP-BLAYS! say did you ever hear this isney-day song that he & his minions supposedly thunk up in 1964?

Kwork said...

Amazing as always! Thanks for continuing this series so far into August!