Saturday, July 15, 2017

Christmas In July 2017 Day 15

Trying to get this done early today so I can go out and see Spiderman today.  I doubt it has any Christmas content in it, though, so this post is going to have to be it for the day.  Here's what you're getting for the almost halfway point.

1. Snowfall, a personal favorite version by George Shearing, String Choir Conducted By Billy May from the LP The Shearing Touch (Capitol ST1472, Stereo, 1960).  And Billy May makes anything better.

2. Glory To Him (Ukranian Carol) (Na Nebi Sirka) by Don Cossack Choir-Serge Jaroff, Conductor-Soloist: I. Seifert from Russian Fair (Decca Gold Label DL 710016, Stereo, 1959).  I'm sure neither Donald Trump nor any of his associates have ever listened to this song.

3. Fuyu No Yoru (Winters Night) by 101 Strings, Conducted By Richard Müller-Lampertz, Koto Solos By Shinichi Yuize, another track from Songs Of The Seasons In Japan (Alshire S-5019, Stereo, 1964).  If you'd told me 20 years ago that I'd be caring even slightly about 101 Strings, I'd have told you that you were crazy, yet here we are.

4. Doll Dance by Vincent Lopez, His Piano And Orchestra from Lopez Playing (Columbia Special Archive Series CSRP 8229, Stereo, 1960).  I thought I had already shared this one this year, but I guess not.  I know I've shared it in years past, though.

5. (a) Las Posadas: Pastorcita Virgen (b) Las Posadas: Virgen Shepherdess By Unknown Mexican Children from the LP Latin American Children Game Songs-Recorded In Puerto Rico And Mexico By Henrietta Yurchenco (Folkways FC 7851, "Electronically Rechanneled To Simulate Stereo", 1968).  I guess Henrietta Yurchenco was somewhat like Alan Lomax in that she went out and recorded folk music in it's natural environs.  Interesting stuff.  You'll get more of this later in the month.

6. The Troika by Alfred Newman Conducting The 20th Century-Fox Orchestra, which I just pulled this morning from Anastasia-Music From The Soundtrack (Decca DL 8460, Mono, 1956).  Doesn't sound very Christmassy, but the name...  It's all in the title.

7. The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot by The Sun Tones, another great old favorite of mine from A Touch Of Gold (Sunrise Records LP 2309, Mono, 1961).  It's hard to go wrong with a barbershop Christmas song!

8. I Wonder As I Wander Out Under The Sky, another song by John Jacob Niles, Mountaineer Tenor, With Dulcimer Accompaniment from his LP John Jacob Niles Sings American Folk Songs (RCA Camden CAL 245, Mono, 1956).  Again, someone who sought out old folk songs, only this time he recorded them himself instead of recording the original performers.

9.  Beautiful Candy By The Paul Smith Ensemble from Carnival! In Percussion (Verve V-4051, Mono, 1961).  I love the candy songs!

And that's it!  Today is the day when I passed the symbolic 100 songs shared!  So you've got a pretty good selection going and there's plenty more where this came from.  I'm back on track with recording more than I'm sharing (which obviously can't keep going forever) so there's plenty in the pile for you.  Here's the link for you, and have a great day.



barba said...

i’ve been dithering as to whether to put vincent lopez’s “christmas rush” on the A-list that i’ve been assembling. you shared it back in 2012 tucked inside an album full of his christmas stuff. “doll dance” is not so christmasy, but it has its points. and it reminds me to take the other off the back burner. “christmas rush” was written by ruth roberts and bill katz, who more famously penned “meet the mets”, the theme song to the perennially underachieving, heartbreaking, excuse-ridden new york metropolitans.

Sarah said...

I'm halfway through Christmas in July (in November) & I just wanted to stop to say thank you again. It's lovely to visit a site that not only shares great music but where no one rolls eyes at me for loving Christmas music as much as I do. It's rather a relief to know you, & all your commenters, are out there on the tubes - I feel a bit less alone!