Sunday, April 15, 2012


Nothing says Sarasota like a sign on a building spelling out Sarasota, and that's just what I found.  I spotted this sign a few months ago, and mentioned it to my neighbor who runs the Sarasota Daily Photo blog.  I figured it would be right up her alley, but she must have forgotten about it.  But when I saw it the other day with the light illuminating it well, I had to stop and shoot it for myself.

If you look close down in the lower right corner, there's a link to the artist. I'll save you the trouble of straining your eyes, though, and link to him right here.


SRQ said...

Nice one, Ernie! After you mentioned it me, I made a point to drive by, but I didn't have my camera with me. Then, it fell off my radar. Glad you posted it. Very colorful.

Anonymous said...

nice pic good to hear from you