Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

Here's another photo I should have shared with you way back when. This was at Rockabilly Ruckus, an annual concert at Skipper's Smokehouse where they bring in a couple dozen bands and play variations on rockabilly all day and most of the night.  At one point, the Psycho Devilles came onstage, and who knew what was about to happen... I'd wondered why this guy's bass had a big stainless steel skin on one side, and as soon as he picked up that can of lighter fluid, I knew what was about to go down. I crouched down in a good spot with my camera and let the rapid-fire picture taking commence. This was probably my best shot of the night. I think I was trying to share my pictures of that night with you when Blogger decided to quit working for a while. By the time it got back to normal, I'd lost the urge to share.

1 comment:

sharxfan said...

Great photo! I love the maniacal look on his face as he stares right at your camera. Good stuff.