Monday, April 04, 2011

5 & 6

I went to the big airshow in Lakeland this weekend, Sun-N-Fun, second largest in America, and maybe the world. Five different visits over three days may be a bit too much for any one human, but I did it. I'll post pictures as I get time, but this shot of the Blue Angels in a perfectly angled dirty pass may be my favorite of all that I took. Enjoy!

Hmmm, the picture isn't showing up.  Stupid Picassa/Blogger issues again.  I think I've got it posted via another link, but let me know if you can't see the picture.


Rick said...

On one of your Christmas In July 2008 posts, you mentioned you found the song 'And Every Day Was Christmas' on the San Sebastian Strings 'Spring' album. The song is listed on the back of their 'Winter' album (side 2, track 6), but was not acutally on the album (not on my copy anyway). Interestingly, the song 'The Northern Lights' is listed on side 1, track 6, but is also missing from the vinyl. Have you seen this anywhere else? I have the 'Winter' album on CD minus these two songs ripped from an unopened LP and would be happy to get you a copy if you are interested. If you are, please let me know how to get it to you.

Unknown said...

Nice shot, Ernie. I'll be seeing the Blue Angels in Pensacola in July when we visit my parents. I'll be shooting the Thunderbirds in October when they're in my neck of the woods at the Alliance Air Show in Fort Worth.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

As I've claimed before, I could take pictures just as good as yours--if I had the equipment and talent! Similarly, I could play piano as well as Louis Lortie if I only had the chops.

Awesome image, as always.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie, great and puzzling photo !
At first I thought it was a strange VTOL aircraft, or a specifically shaped lighter than air balloon (like those kettles in the air).
But this is different! There are 2 fighter aircraft in close proximity, being in opposit attitudes - on belly and on back.
You fantastically managed to catch this rare instant.

Greeting from Zhukovsky, Russia.

Unknown said...

That has to be the best shot of that maneuver I have ever seen! Great job, Ernie!

I'm a huge airshow fan and try to hit at least one show each of the USN Blue Angels & the USAF Thunderbirds each year.