Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Baby Owl

I showed you some pictures yesterday of a great horned owl that's taken up residence in an old osprey nest near the Venice Rookery. Well, I was assured that there was something in the nest, but when I first arrived there was nothing to be seen.

About half an hour later I walked back, and this time there was indeed what looked like a small ball of fuzz with eyes peering over the edge of the nest. Sure enough, it was an owlet. This was my first time seeing a baby owl, so I was pretty excited.

I watched him for a long time, and eventually he stood up and showed us more of himself. He's a lot bigger than I first imagined.

But eventually he got tired of putting on a show for the assembled photographic multitude. He ducked back down and all you could see was the tip of his head. I guess babies need a lot of sleep. And perhaps they're nocturnal, just like their parents.

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