Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Baldy Is Back

Well, the first of my local bald eagle pair is back. Don't know how long he's actually been around, but today was the first time I've seen him. I came around the corner, and there he was, just sitting up on his favorite tree limb. I don't think he's been back for long, since the local birds haven't learned to avoid the area yet. I think that's a mocking bird beating a hasty retreat in the photo below after he got a little too close. The eagle just gave him a dirty look and off the little bird went. I'll keep my eye out for the other one and let you know when they become a matched pair again.


gaz1966 said...

Hello there from the UK,

I love reading your christmas blog, thank you fro sharing such great music. I was wondering if you might be able to help with some Christmas music I have been trying to find in good quality for a few years now.

During the 1970's here in the UK we used to have music played on BBC TV during the times when no daytime programs were shown and at Christmas time various seasons tapes were played.

Most of these was music not available to the public (Library music) but over the years I had found nearly all the music used: Except for 3 pieces. I was excited reading your site
at the vast knowledge of Christmas music so I hope you may be kind enough to help?

Here is a link to the recording:


The tracks are:

Deck the Halls- Unknown Moog Synthesizer piece

What I would love to know is what LP(s) are these from? Or would you be able to share good quality recordings of these tracks if you have them?

The 'Deck the halls' track I think is from side 2 of a Children's LP, the only details I have is that the LP cover had 'The Young Things' written on the sleeve. For years I thought the group who recorded this were called 'Young Things' but I don't think it is? Any ideas?

Any help with finding these tracks, would be so much appreciated.

Many kind thanks,

Gary Smither

gaz1966 said...


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Whoa! What's with the "baldy" stuff?

(Indignant icon)

But, seriously, great photos. As always.