Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When In Atlanta

I was in Atlanta this past weekend, and I had lunch one day at Daddy D'z. It's pretty good, but you need to stop in just for the big sign on the roof. And don't forget, Zagat rated! (Their website also claims "Featured in Rolling Stones Magazines". Think about it...)

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Anonymous said...

The thing I love about Daddy D'z is that it's just so junky and run-down. It's not some franchise trying to look like a dive. It really is a dive.

Last time I was there, years ago, I bought a T-shirt. Took me over a year to actually wash and wear the dang thing. It just smelled so good. Who knows how long it had sat on the shelf, marinading in smoke.

I'd bury my face in the smoky goodness flowing out of it and decide to hold off on washing it, again.