Sunday, March 02, 2008

Big Daddy Gator

I didn't see too many gators out at Myakka today. This was the biggest one, and he's probably only 9 feet or so. I'm sure he's just sitting there waiting for one of those birds to get close to his head and then BAM! Raw KFC!

Second biggest gator of the day was this fellow who was holed up in the weeds beside the boat ramp. I guess he was hoping some unsuspecting tourist would slip and fall, and that would be his big chance. If it went down that way, it didn't happen while I was watching.

Smallest gator of the day was this baby. I apologize for the quality of the shot, but I was in a moving tram and he was in a mud hole quite a ways from the road. At least you get to see the cool stripes they sport when they're young.

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