Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I got lucky at the Goodwill store this evening. I don't usually visit during the week, but I felt like I needed to visit this evening, so I did. What did I find but copies of just about every Roger Ebert book out there! This is the stack of all his movie review books, dating way back to I think 1985 (That first volume covers several years, but you have to open it up to see what years those are and I'm not going to try and pull it out from the bottom of the pile just now), then it goes from 1987 all the way to 2006 year by year! I think there's one older one I didn't get, and one from 1986, but I don't know for sure. I already had three of these, and I love to read them whether I've seen the movies or not. (I'm sure you're thinking that I should have bought just the most recent copy, but they do change from year to year, adding new movies and dropping old ones out, plus there's all sorts of supplemental essays and articles in each one.) I also picked up four hard-cover books, including his two Great Movies books. They also had one of the Answer Man books, but I already had that one. I think the total was 24 books at $2 a piece. Not a bad haul and I'll be reading these forever! Notice how the title changed a couple of times over the years in the picture above. Starts out as Roger Ebert's Home Movie Companion, then it changes to Roger Ebert's Video Companion and winds up as Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook. I guess you have to change with the times. This collections spans VHS tapes to laser discs to DVDs and I suppose it's now transitioning over to Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. I'm so excited!


Myron said...

Damn! I used to have 6 or seven of these. Ebert's older reviews are always worth reading, as are his Great Movies essays. His more recent stuff is hit-or-miss, it seems.

Someone cleaned out their library, and you scored big.


Stephen said...

Ernie, that's weird. I have Ebert's "Great Movies" right here on my desk, and I was looking at his web site about 15 minutes ago. I'm not kidding you. Great score - I guess you'll be hitting up the Goodwill mid-week more often, eh?