Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Late Week In September

Another week, another late post. But this one should be worth the wait. This is the Barringer Meteor Crater as seen from a 757 on the way to LA. You can read all about this on my original post last year. Also, by total coincidence, there appears to have been a meteor strike in Peru recently which released some toxic fumes and sickened a bunch of people. Spooky!
PS-Are you bored at work? Click here for a never-ending stream of photos being posted to blogger. Lemme know if you happen to catch one of mine...

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Lee Hartsfeld said...

Imagine how our planet's surface would look without the protection provided by our atmosphere and by Jupiter--our atmosphere, of course, slowing down meteors, etc. with friction, and Jupiter deflecting the things from our path in the first place. We'd look like the moon, I guess.

I just shared virtually everything I know about astronomy right there.

Cool photo!