Monday, August 27, 2007

The End Of August

I've been neglecting my bloggerly duties for a bit, so sorry. I'm a little burnt out after all that posting back in July, but still, one post all of last week... Hopefully I can do a little better this week, but you'll have to wait and see. The calendar picture for the week is a great sunset. This is one of those sunsets where I'm driving home, and I keep watching it develop into something more and more spectacular, until I finally have to stop the car and start shooting. The side of the road doesn't give you a great foreground, but when you get a show like this in the sky, who's looking down?


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Great photo!

I call that kind of cloud formation "busy." Which gives you an idea of what kind of grade I got in Meteorology class.

Weirdly enough (in more ways than one), I just posted "Big Movie Show in the Sky," with lyrics by Johnny Mercer. A very atmospheric number.


SunLion said...

Ernie (not Bert),

The sky at twilight is a beautiful photo! Nice panoramic view! And you are right, who's looking down when the show is overhead!