Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Big Picture

I wanted to emphasize how far away I was from the launch pad for the shuttle launch Friday. In this single shot, you can see the vehicle assembly building on the right (behind a small island in the Banana River), launch pad 39B is at the extreme left and pad 39A, the one from which the shuttle launched, is left of center. Trust me, they are there. I know they are nearly impossible to see, but that's the way it looks from 11 miles away.

Can anybody see the picture above? I could when I posted this last night, but now it's gone... Hmmm, looks like it never posted to Blogger. Should be better now. Sorry about that.

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Lee Hartsfeld said...

No--for the moment, it's vanished.

Could the hosting site be down? (Unless you used Blogger.)