Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Green Monster

Well, since the fans of The Kingston Trio liked my picture from yesterday of their building, I thought I'd give you another one tonight. Except this is a night view from the same day as the previous picture. Pretty cool, eh? Don't forget that this shot is four years old. I don't know if this building still looks like this or not. I'll know in three weeks, though.


Licorice Pizza said...

Ernie, thanks for the offer to share the Denny over at S-O-W! The album is Exotic Percussion and MrX over at Xtabay just posted it. Small world. LP

Ernie said...

Just as well, since I don't have that one. I'll have to go over there and grab it myself.

Puckwheat said...

Yet, another amazing shot from the ey of Ernie (Not Bert). I love night shots of cityscapes and this one is beautiful Kudos, Ernie!