Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Christmas In July (In September)-The Thirtieth Day

Well, here we go, the first day of Christmas In July In September.  If I'd known it was going to drag out this far, I might have just canceled it for the season.  But here we are, well over a month past our Best-By date, and I can finally see the end.  So here goes...  Let's begin with a version of the Hallelujah Chorus as performed by The Baptist Bible College Choir-S.K. Grundy, Director.  This comes from their LP The Little Brown Church In The Dale (Diadem DLP 145, Mono, 1962).  Nothing too exciting here, let's move on to another bible college, this time in Detroit, The Detroit Bible College Choir, Leon Anderson-Director.  This time the song is Christmas Cantata (III Movement), and I don't know if it's much better.  The LP is Gloria In Excelsis Deo Chorale (Custom Pressed By Recorded Publications Company AZB-55371/55372 (Recorded From Client's Furnished Tape), Stereo, 1961).  At least we get another interesting quote from the label, this time the pressing company distancing themselves from the recording.  You gotta have faith in your product!  Next up is Sun Valley Jump by Glenn Miller And His Orchestra.  I know, I'm stretching the Christmas connection here to the breaking point, but I always associate this song with It Happened In Sun Valley, and that's a nice winter song, so why not this one, too?  I pulled this from Glenn Miller's Original Film Soundtracks Volume 2 (20th Fox FOX 3021, Mono, 1959).  We get into a little bit more of a true Christmas mood next with Mary Had A Baby by that group I first brought to you yesterday, Obernkirchen Children's Choir-James Benner, Piano-Edith Moller, Conductor, and their album Obernkirchen Children's Choir In Japan AKA Holiday In Japan (Westminster Gold (ABC) WGS 8238, Stereo, 1973).  And then we go back into the organ music you all love so dearly with Tom Hazleton performing something called Our Winter World Of Love.  This is from the LP What The World Needs Now Is...-Tom Hazleton At The Unit Orchestra (Concert Recordings CR-0117, Stereo, 1972), a record where all the tracks feature the word Love in their title.  How quaint.  And that's your five tracks for tonight.  But since you've been a good audience, and not complained that I've taken too long to get these shares posted, here's a bonus track.  It's Lawrence Welk And His Champagne Music performing a medley called Viennese Waltz Time: Blue Danube, Skater's Waltz, Estudiantina.  This is from his LP Mr. Music Maker (Dot DLP 25164, Stereo, 1959).  That's it for tonight, check back tomorrow for the end of Christmas In July In September!  Oh, almost forgot, here's the download link.

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Buster said...

Coincidentally, I am going to share the Sun Valley Serenade soundtrack in the next week or so.