Sunday, May 02, 2010

Back In Town

Once again, I've been away. I spent the weekend in a small burg in South Georgia attending the wedding of my grandfather. When I wasn't spending time with my family, I tried to get out to see the sights, and I'll share that with you soon. But tonight, I've just gotten home after spending more than six hours in the car, and that tires me out, as well as reminding me why I prefer to fly. Anyhow, stay tuned for more interesting things than the labels on power poles.


Anonymous said...

Ernie (Not Bert) I like your site and was able to download 2 Xmas albums through
Rapidshare. How can I download other, non-Xmas albums through Rapidshare.

HaarFager said...

Ernie, not many people would think to photograph these metal badges on electric poles. That's why I always enjoy looking through your posts because I'm sure to see something new and different. Nice going!