Thursday, March 25, 2010

Up In The Airfest 2010-Part 19

Yes, believe it or not, there were still more jumpers. This time 5 guys came out and formed a cross. This was a little different from the morning show where they formed a ring. I guess it gets boring doing the same thing every time. This is a very tight crop, so it's a bit grainy. Gotta love that 70-200mm F2.8L lens, though. You couldn't crop this tight on a kit lens.


Love that pink smoke against the deep blue sky. I should have been shooting with a polarizer.

This series of jumpers was decked out with various flags. I couldn't tell you what each one of them was, but here's a red one.

Unfortunately, the jumper who came down closest to us had a defective flag. Look close and you'll see it's still balled up underneath the canopy of his chute. He's also got a camera on his head.

And when the camera-headed jumper landed, I almost got a picture of him putting his feet down. But as usual, too many people were there to give me a clear view. I had to crop people out on both the left and right side of this shot, as a matter of fact.

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