Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Up In The Airfest 2010-Part 15

Here are a few views of the popular Heritage Flight from Macdill Airfest 2010 this past weekend. Heritage Flights are a grouping of old and new military aircraft flying in formation, saluting the proud history of military aviation. This particular flight included an F-15 and a P-51 Mustang, both of which flew solo demos before this tandem flight.

It's an impressive sight to see a 60 year old piece of hardware flying alongside a modern mechanical wonder. Prop power versus jet fuel, aluminum versus titanium, cable controls versus fly-by-wire. I could go on but I'm out of words.

As impressive as this pairing may seem, I've seen better. They've had three and even four planes together in the air before at these airshow, and for my money, the more the merrier.

Hmmm, I just noticed that every single one of the Heritage Flights I've shot and linked to above feature this exact same P-51, as well as an F-15 that is probably not the same one. I guess Crazy Horse is a popular plane. Aha! I knew I had one that didn't feature Crazy Horse. It's a similar flight by Navy Planes called Tailhook.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Lauderback owns the P-51 named Crazy Horse, he is a great supporter of the base. He has brought his aircraft to participate the last few years and hopefully many more.