Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Next Weekend

I found out a few days ago that perhaps my favorite local band, The Vodkanauts, would be performing perhaps one of my favorite albums, Pink Floyd's The Wall, in it's entirety for two shows next Friday night. That's April 2nd, in case you see this post too late. I shot some pictures of these guys last year at Tropical Heatwave, posted a few to the blog, and got an email a little while later from a band member asking if they could post them to their website. I was tickled pink that the band cared about my pictures, so I sent them all of the good ones.

When I heard about this Floyd show, I decided I wanted to shoot it. I fired off an email to the guitarist, who I'd sent the pictures to last time, and he said come on up. He even invited me to a rehearsal the night before the show!

So I am stoked about getting to see a band I like, playing music I like, and I get to take pictures with their blessing! How cool is that?

Now I have to rent a couple of nice lenses that can shoot in the dark. Can't just use any old equipment. :) Wish me luck!

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