Monday, July 27, 2009

Christmas In July 2009-Day The Twenty Seventh

We're in the home stretch now! Day 27 and counting.

Let's start out with the last Burl Ives track I have for you this month. I think this makes three of his I've shared with you for the month. This time it's The Deepening Snow from True Love (Decca DL 4533). The chorus and orchestra on this one is handled by Owen Bradley, Nashville big-wig.

Track two is Song Of The Bells from Leroy Anderson. I grabbed this one from Leroy Anderson Conducts His Music (Decca DL 8954). I don't know that it's got anything to do with Christmas, but I like it.

Track three is White Christmas by Dennis Day. This is not the same version as the one I shared out with you from Christmas Is For The Family. This one is from the various artists LP 21 Of The Greatest Popular Songs Of All Time As Selected By Billboard Music Week (Pickwick BL-21). I think they released this album to capitalize on some greatest hits list put out by Billboard. It features cheap label knock-offs of the big hits from that list.

Track four is The Bells Of St. Mary's as performed by the Brass Of The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, Conducted By Alfred Newman, from the LP I shared a bit with you last year, Hallelujah! (Capitol SP8529). This time, it's in stereo, so you can listen with both ears.

Track five is Hard Candy Christmas, not as performed by Dolly Parton, but the version from the original soundtrack to the musical The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas (MCA MCA-3049, 1978) by The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Company With The Rio Grande Band. If that's not specific enough for you, the songs is credited to Pamela Blair, Donna King, Louise Quick-Bowen, Lisa Brown, Becky Gelke, Jan Merchant, Carol Chambers, Marta Sanders, Debra Zalkind & Joan Ellis on the back sleeve.

Track six is one I thought I'd shared out with you long ago, but I can't find where I did, so here it is now. This is Snowfall by Henry Mancini And His Orchestra from the album The Mancini Touch (RCA Victor LSP-2101, 1960). Good version, but what else would you expect from Mancini?

Is that it? I think so, six songs. Here's the download link, get 'em while you can, only a few days left.


Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion if you haven't heard it. Check out Meredith Willson's "That Man Over There" from Here's Love! (This song reminds me of you.)

Thanks again for the tracks.

Also, do you have Joan Regan's "Must Be Santa"? Alma Cogan's isn't bad either.

McGuire Sisters "Be a Santa" is available at another blog though it isn't a great recording. Do you have that one?

Merry Christmas in July!

Ernie said...

Hmmm, haven't heard of any of those, but I'll keep an eye out. Got McGuire Sisters coming up soon, but not that tune.

Anonymous said...

1963's Here's Love musical featuring "That Man Over There" is based on the Miracle on 34th Street film and was written by (Robert) Meredith Willson who also wrote "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" for Mame. There is a sample of "There" on Amazon.

Brits Joan Regan and Alma Cogan covered Mitch's "Must Be Santa" in the sixties.

Your blog inspired my interest in obscure Christmas music. Thank you for the gift (er, curse?).

Anonymous said...

My mistake. "Pine Cones and Holly Berries" (or "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas") is also originally from Here's Love and not Mame. Sorry.

Ernie said...

I think I posted something from someone's cover of that soundtrack earlier in the month.

And I didn't realize the McGuire Sisters had done Subways Are For Sleeping. I looked it up on the web, and that's certainly something I'd have bought if I'd seen it. Now I'll have to search it out.