Friday, July 17, 2009

Christmas In July 2009-Day The Thirteenth

Now, let's see, last time you heard from me was Sunday, and here it is Friday. Sorry about that. Hard to stay focused on Christmas when you're sick. But I'm back and I've got some music to share with you, so let's jump right back in, shall we?

Track one is a nice little ditty called Over The Alps by Jack Shaindlin Conducting The Cinerama Symphony Orchestra from the soundtrack Cinerama Holiday (Mercury MG 20059, 1955). I read that this is from the second Cinerama movie made. Cinerama was one of those ultra-widescreen formats that Hollywood came up with in the fifties to combat the onslaught of television. Didn't really catch on as it was so difficult to produce the films and then project them on three screens. But this soundtrack has a few winter, snow and skiing tracks that I liked, so you'll be hearing some more from it later on. I think I left the tag off of the file, but this track was composed by Morton Gould.

Track two is Sun Valley Polka by Larry Chesky And His Orchestra from their self-titled album (Stella S-LP 913). I don't think this is related to the winter song It Happened In Sun Valley, but for the sake of my having something to share tonight, try to pretend it's the same song, only in the form of a polka!

Track three is from the great Roger Miller, Footprints In The Snow from his self-titled LP (RCA Camden CAS-851, 1964). Someone posted a comment about why I didn't post Old Toy Trains the other day, and that got me to thinking about Roger Miller. I found this track and figured it was a good one. I haven't dug up Old Toy Trains yet, but I'm looking. I know it's around here somewhere.

Track number four is another song by Hollywood Sound Stage Orchestra called Snow Frolic, written by Francis Lai and pulled from the LP Love Story And Other Romantic Film Favorites From Film Sound Track Scores (Stereo Gold Award GA-3 1). Are you feeling chilly yet? I know I am.

The fifth and final track for this day is Winter Nocturne by Buddy Cole from his posthumous LP Buddy Cole Remembered (Doric DO 1421, 1980). I think this song does a nice job of conjuring up a cold winter scene. This LP collected together a number of unreleased recording by Cole after his death.

And there you go, several days late, but I'm finally posting again. Here's your download link, stay tuned for more goodies as I try to get caught up.

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Badgercat said...

Welcome back Ernie! Thanks for the share.