Monday, April 27, 2009

Sing Out Loud

I can't go more than about ten minutes without taking a picture of a bird, I think you know that by now. Even with all the commotion of airplanes at Sun-N-Fun this weekend, I still took a few minutes to shoot the meadowlarks that live in the short grass between the runways. I don't think they are used to all the people being around, but they're willing to put up with the commotion one week out of the year. I watched as they flitted about, looking for food in the grass, then hopping up on a high spot once in a while to sing their little song. Then after the song, they take a deep bow and go back to their eating. Quaint custom, but cute.

I see that I took a very similar shot of very similar birds at this very same airshow three years ago. See, history does repeat!

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