Monday, August 25, 2008

Live From The CLT

Here I sit at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, waiting for my flight. I just realized after an hour of sitting here that they have free Wireless internet. Of course, I have to re-log in every three minutes for some reason, but that may be because I'm way at the far end of Terminal E, about as far from the main building as you can get. Probably not much signal left by the time it gets down here. Anyhow, I wanted to throw up a quick picture for you, and it has to be quick because I can see my plane at the gate now. This is a dragonfly I saw at the Latta Plantation on Saturday. Right after I took this we went to the raptor center where I got to see much larger winged creatures. But those pictures will have to wait for another day.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, for some reason, there have been a lot (a LOT) of dragonflies this year--some as big as helicopters. OK, maybe not as big as helicopters. But maybe as big as those tiny "puddle jumper" planes you have to take from Charlotte to "other destinations."

Anonymous said...

sometimes those bands of color on the wings are only at the tips so it looks like the things is flying by holding two squares at the ends of long thin arms!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ernie,

Nice stumbling across you out there in cyberspace. I'm over near Asheville now, so looks like you were close by recently. Catch up with me some time.