Saturday, May 24, 2008

A New Camera

Well, after three years, I figured it was time for a new camera. The old Canon Rebel XT has been a great camera, but ever since the new XSi model came out last month, I've been jonesing for it. Today I got a coupon in the mail for 10% off at Best Buy, which combined nicely with 18 months to pay it off interest-free. I figured it was as good a time as any. The new camera is 12 megapixels, versus 8 for the old one, so I'm hoping my pictures will be a little more detailed. It also came with a fancy image-stabilized lens, which I am really excited about. I should be able to get better shots at lower light levels than before. I went out today and shot about 600 pics once I got the battery charged, and I'm pretty excited by some of the results. I stumbled on this night heron at Island Park, and was able to catch him in mid-flight. These are crops from the full frames, and you can see that there is still plenty of detail there. I'm hoping that a new camera will get me more excited about getting out there and taking more pictures, as I've been a little on the blah side about it lately. We'll see.


  1. You're going to love that image-stabilization, Ernie! My two-year Konica-Minolta has it built into the frame and it has always worked beautifully. It's gotten me out of a lot of low-light or plain outright dark situations where it wasn't practical to carry a tripod. Such as fires at night, etc.


  2. didn't think you really needed a new cam, but I could tell the difference instantly. NOW GO SHOOT! you should start work on a 2009 calendar. maybe all your blog fans could buy one? I would!!


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