Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Now It Can Be Told, Part One

For the past month or so, we've been working on a special project in the shop. It's something a little different from the usual industrial sheet metal we usually do, so I figured I'd share a bit of it here at the old blog. Today was the day that it finally got installed on the bayfront in downtown Sarasota, Florida, so I figure it's OK to talk about it now. The giant white cube you see above is a sculpture named Pulse, designed by local artist Christine Desiree (Hi Christine!) and fabricated in our humble Bradenton shop. To give you a sense of scale, each side is 12 feet, the opening in the center is 9 feet, and the base it's sitting on is 18 inches high.

This sculpture was created for the annual show on the waterfront, which runs for about the next six months. They've been installing pieces for the past few days, and there are still quite a few to go. As you can see, this one got a great spot right on the water.

I was quite involved in the manufacture and assembly of this work of art, so I don't have pictures of the entire process, but I do have some I hope to share with you over the next few days. So if you're curious about how something like this comes together, stay tuned, and you'll lean more than you really want to know. Those of you who are anywhere close to Sarasota will want to drive out to the bayfront and see this show sometime soon. It looks to be a promising event. I'm a little prejudiced when it comes to which piece is my favorite, though.

The interior of the piece is filled with free-hanging mirrored plates that move about in the breeze. They also make a lot of noise when the wind gets going. It was rather loud as it got carried down the road on the back of a lowboy trailer.

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