Thursday, November 01, 2007

November, Part Dos

Here are the other two calendar pics for the month of November. The shot above is the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. I didn't actually go inside on the trip I took this picture, but I caught it on a later trip. It's pretty cool, but I don't know if it's worth a special trip to Cleveland. Something that might be worth the trip is the beach below at sunset, or, if you prefer, at moonset. It may be hard to see in the small version below, but if you look close, you'll see a tiny crescent moon following the sun to the horizon. I shot this a couple of years ago in Nokomis, Florida, while waiting for the annual Christmas nighttime boat parade. This shot was far better than any of the pictures I got of the boats.


Anonymous said...

Christmas; Time For Song Featuring Thurlow Spurr And The Spurrlows Singing 12 Seasonal Favorites!

Would you repost this sometime? Thanks for all your great shares. Your Xmas sharity can't start too soon!

Ernie said...

Done and done! Don't forget to come back by, new Christmas shares start on Thanksgiving!