Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Halloween Music

Prior to today, the only holiday music I've shared out on the blog has been for Christmas. Lots and lots and lots of Christmas music. But occasionally, as I was hunting down Christmas music, I'd occasionally spot something a little less jolly, something spookier, something more appropriate for Halloween. So I started collecting up those tracks when I stumbled across them. And now, the time is here to share them with you. It's just a collection of tracks, no special CD cover, so don't get all excited. Some of these are great, some of them are good, some of them are OK, and some of them, well, let's just say they're worth whatever you're paying for them. I think there are 24 tracks, most of which are instrumentals. The few vocal tracks I think are my favorites, but they are hard to find. Other bloggers have done a great job of bringing you more Halloween tracks, but I don't think I've seen any of these shared out elsewhere. If so, sorry for the duplication. So what's in the zip file?

Sid Bass-The House Is Haunted
Ralph Materie-Haunted Guitar
Phil Napoleon-Satanic Blues (written by a guy named Christian!)
Noro Morales-Mr. Ghost Goes To Town
The Modernaires-The Rockin' Ghost (co-written by Steve Allen, I think this is my favorite. Whoops, I seem to have put in both the stereo and mono versions. Sorry...)
The Mighty Sparrow-Madam Dracula
Michel Legrand-Old Devil Moon
Marty Gold-King Of The Mountain (Great version!)
Lou Levy-Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
Lord Melody-Creature From The Black Lagoon
Les Brown & Vic Schoen-Oh, Those Martian Blues
Lenny Dee-Satan Takes A Holiday
Johnnie Long-The Boogie Man
John Gart-Funeral March For A Marionette (You know, Alfred Hitchcock's theme...)
Jimmy Durante-We're Going UFO-ing
Herbie Harper-The New York City Ghost
Ethel Smith-Ethel Meets The Count
Dinah Washington-My Man's An Undertaker (What was the inspiration behind this?!?)
David Rose-October Mist
The Count Of Monte Cristo & Congo Bey-Zombie Jamboree
The Brute Force Steel Band-Beastly Meringue
Billy Strange-Theme From The Munsters (No, I don't know why it sounds like that...)
Billy May-Return Of The Zombie

There you have it. Lot's of tracks from those old LPs that you know I love. Everything should be tagged with artists, titles, LPs, dates labels, you name it. No covers, though, 'cause I'm lazy. Hope you enjoy it. Here's the Linky-link.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this (these?), Ernie. This is an amazing collection of great stuff for the season!

Have to agree on Rockin' Ghost--so good it deserves it's extra inclusion.

Hope you grabbed the Munsters collection over at "Cool Wax."

But, eh, you're really starting to scare me with those "ready to share" Christmas totals.

Ernie said...

The scary part about that total is that it's so low. I share out more than 60 albums at Christmas, and I'm nowhere near having that done. Not that I ever have it done before T-day, but I'd like to be a lot closer than I am now.

Lee Hartsfeld said...


A blogger's work is never done. Or even close to done. It's the way of the blog.

I have no idea what "way of the blog" means, but I like the sound of it.

Cool sl... er, playlist. The Archie Bleyer version of "Rockin' Ghost" is at my blog, in case you missed it. The Modernaires were the mother and father of all such groups (well, one of the first), even if nowadays they sound OldFashionedaire.

I'll leave now....


Ernie said...

It's the way of the blog.

And just for the record, Lee, I've downloaded all five volumes of your Halloween Slaylist! I was pleased to discover that there was no overlap between my little sharity and your massive share-a-rama.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Happy to hear that! I suppose I went over-boo-ard with thoses. All those titles.


I blame the sinus meds I'm on at the moment. I didn't type that; they did.


Stephen said...

Ernie, I never thought I'd see the day. Thanks a lot for sharing these tunes! I love the Marty Gold "King Of The Mountain", "Haunted Guitar", "The House is Haunted", and I've been looking for "Return of the Zombie" for a few years now. Good to see you getting into the Halloween spirit.