Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCLXXII-More Mozelle

While I'm posting doodles, I wanted to get up this great candelabra by Mozelle Thompson. This is an artist that I've posted before, but I still don't know much about him or her. There's got to be some info out there somewhere, but I haven't found it. Not that I've looked real hard. I wouldn't make first cut as a host on History Detectives, I'm afraid. Anyhow, this doodle comes, not from a Liberace LP, but from the back of Emery Deutsch, His Violin And Orchestra-Candlelight Moods (RCA Victor LPM-1094, 1958).


I DIG PGH said...

I am putting together an exhibition of Mozelle Thompson's album cover art and this one is driving me nuts. That catalog number is supposed to be Gypsy by Candlelight. I've seen an image of the back cover and it doesn't have that illustration. Are you sure that's the correct album?


Ernie said...

Pretty sure. The LP you mention seems to have come out in 1955, and this was a reissue from 1958. They put out a lot of stuff again that year in tandem with the new fancy stereo records.

All the doodles and covers I shared out back in the day were scanned from my own records, so I'm sure I had this LP in my hand when I did it. Barring a typo, it should be correct.

Tell me more about this exhibition...

I DIG PGH said...

That would make sense. It's such an obscure title. He worked as early as 1953, but was most prolific in 1958 & 1959.

The exhibition is in an art gallery in Pittsburgh, in a neighborhood called Garfield, where Mozelle Thompson lived while he was in high school. It's mainly album cover illustrations with some book and magazine illustrations and biographical information. There will be the better part of 100 albums!

You are one of the few Mozelle Thompson collectors I have found on the internet so far. I'd like to send you more information.

Ernie said...

Did you get my gmail?