Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Third Week Of July

What do you get for a calendar this week? How about this huge sculpture called Unconditional Surrender? Ahhh, love, it's a wonderful thing. But something tells me love had very little to do with what was taking place when the picture was snapped that this statue is based on. By the way, this was just a temporary display of the statue. It's now gone, but there are rumors about that it might be returning. We'll just have to wait and see.


Mazatello said...

Hey Ernie,

I love this picture of the sculpture! Would you be able to send me the original picture (without the words imprinted on the picture) at I would love to use it as my desktop wallpaper.

Thanks a million in advance :)


Ernie said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the comment. I doubt that I could lay my hands on the orginal version of that shot without a lot of searching. If I remember correctly, there is a version of it here on the blog somewhere from the day I shot the picture, though. Well, I can't seem to locate that either. Sorry...