Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCLIV-Christmas In July 2007

Nothing will get you in the Christmas spirit faster than a nice Christmas tree. And here's one that comes complete with an array of gifts and some really small people around it. Maybe those are supposed to be elves or something. But I don't see any elfin qualities... Hmmmm, very curious. Anyhow, this fine tree comes from the backside of David Rose-Little Drummer Boy (Formerly titled The David Rose Christmas Album) (Capitol ST-290). For more David Rose, try here.


Puckwheat said...

Judging from what's on the tree (chairs, full-length mirrors, etc), perhaps it's just a VERY large tree and the people are normal size?! Thanks for all the great shares, Ernie, both doodles and tuneage...and great pictures, too (as always).

Stephen said...

Ernie, did you plan on posting this along with the Yosemite photos? Because it works very well together. Thanks for all the doodles!