Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Half Mile High And Falling

I haven't posted much from the little side trip to Yosemite Valley I made during my California visit. We got up early one morning, drove four hours out, spent about 6 hours in the park, then drove the four hours home. You can barely hit even the high spots in that short amount of time, but it was still an awe-inspiring trip. The vistas in the valley are so large, I couldn't take it all in with my lens. I wanted to take pictures of mountains that literally wouldn't fit in the lens. If I get to make a future trip, I'm going to invest in a super-wide angle lens. Just as a for-instance, the waterfall above, Yosemite Falls, from the top of the mountain to stream level (the stream was at the end of that wooden walkway), falls over half a mile. (The visible part above is Upper Yosemite Falls. It continues in a second stage, Lower Yosemite Falls, just below the tips of the trees you see, but I think that's included in the half-mile.) And notice that you can't see the mountain to the left or right of the falls, they're just too big! I've got lots more pictures to share from this day trip, so stay tuned!

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