Saturday, July 21, 2007

Christmas In July 2007-Day 21

To cap off the third week of my Christmas in July celebration, here are three tracks that are, for the most part, spoken word. That is, they aren't songs. One of them is performed over some music, one of them is about a song, and the last one is nothing but words. So, let's begin. Track one is the one about a song. Michael Flanders and Donald Swann tell the story of Greensleeves on the album At The Drop Of A Hat (Parlophone PMC 1033, 1957). They don't talk about the Christmas version of the song at all, but you'll still appreciate it. Track two is the one that features talking over some music. The music is provided by the one and only Henry Mancini and the talking is done by Melina Mercouri. The track is Christmas Eve On Skid Row, from the soundtrack to Gaily, Gaily (United Artists UAS 5202, 1969). No, I've never heard of this movie either. The third and last track, entirely lacking in music, is the great Victor Borge reciting The Little Match Girl, a story by Hans Christian Anderson, from the album Victor Borge Presents His Own Enchanted Version Of Hans Christian Anderson (Decca Records Custom Department For Eastern Airlines DL7-34406, 1966). Eastern isn't around anymore, so I don't think you'll be seeing a reissue of this one on CD anytime soon. Well, wait, there does seem to be a DVD, but it appears to be from much later in his career. Here's the link to all three tracks, enjoy!

This day in July last year featured four versions Snowfall. I know you'll want to go get those. I think I've had at least four versions of Snowfall this year, if not more.

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