Monday, May 21, 2007


Here's another slightly rare bird I spotted this weekend. This is a limpkin, for those of you that might not recognize him. I think I've only spotted these guys three or four times. They're difficult to spot, due to the coloration of their feathers. This was certainly the largest one I'd ever seen, and I watched him for quite a while.


Anonymous said...

time for a popular vote: who all else thinks Mr. Ernie should try submitting his photos to something like National Geographic and get REAL recognition and pay?

Anonymous said...

Here is another vote yes. Ernie's pics look great blown up to 16 x 20 and framed (with a donation and credit, of course).


Anonymous said...

I think Ernie's photography is way over-due for National, or International, exposure.... he has a talent for capturing more than just the object in his lens.... This is a definite yes, for Ernie!