Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 26

26 days down, 5 to go. Well, 26 days down after this post with four spanking new tracks. Well, not new, but newly recorded by me. Are you ready? Here we go...

Track 1: Ave Maria, this time by Ferrante & Teicher from their LP Ferrante & Teicher Play Light Classics (ABC-Paramount ABCS-313, 1960). Not my favorite version, but some nice filler. This isn't from their prepared-piano period, instead it's from their easy-listening period, which turned out to be most of their career.

Track 2: White Christmas by Jane Wilson & Stuart Foster and Track 3: Baby, It's Cold Outside by The Robert Thomas Singers, both from 26 Academy Award Winning Songs (Dolphin Records CXSV 67679, circa 1960). Again, a nice little bit of filler, but nothing you haven't heard before, probably while visiting your parents or grandparents during the holidays. Good track coming up next, I promise.

Track 4: Bobsled by Clebanoff from Strings Afire (Mercury SR 60871). When the album is titled Strings Afire, you know it's going to be really good or really bad. And in this case, we got lucky. This is definately a keeper, and I think it more than makes up for the other three tracks I schlepped off on you today. Play it, and play it loud!

OK, download it, enjoy it, and remember me when it comes time for holiday gift-giving.

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