Monday, July 24, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 24

Honest, I'm trying to get one of these shares up every day, but it's getting tough. I guess I should have planned things out a little better. It's going to take some work to see this thing through for another week. But I'm sure I'll get it. Now what am I sharing today? Oh, yeah...

Two versions of Brazilian Sleigh Bells. The first is the long-promised original by Percy Faith from Carefree (Columbia CS 8360, 1961). Percy had done this track in a slightly different arrangement earlier, before the advent of stereo, but I can't find that version. This one is good enough to tide you over. The second version is from our friend George Wright from his LP Encores At The Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ (HiFi/Capitol SW-91090, 1956). I had a mono copy on HiFi, then I stumbled aross a stereo version, but it was on the Capitol label. 1956 is too early for stereo, so I suspect this is a re-recording, but I can't prove it. Maybe I'll go back and grab the mono version just to see how different it sounds.

The third track is Winter World Of Love from Billy Vaughn and the LP of the same name (Dot DLP25975, 1970). Nothing very exciting here, I'm afraid. Billy was getting a little out-of-touch with the cutting edge by this point, if he was ever really there.

The fourth track is Ice And Snow by Eddie Wayne and Group from the cheapo LP The Ping Pong Sound of Guitars In Percussion (Coronet CXS-139). It's a pretty decent track (I actually recorded the whole LP) but the title of the album is pretty misleading. There is very little percussion going on, but some competent guitar work. There's also plenty of sax here, and even some piano, that makes it worth a listen. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

There you go, four more tracks towards the complete Christmas collection. Here's the link, so you hipsters go get it!

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  1. Wow. You seem like a guy after my own heart with the LPs. I'm a great devotee of Enoch Light and Command Records, also of any Phase 4 I find, and Mercury Living Presence CDs, and Perfect Presence LPs...

    Anyway, the point of this comment is to say that I have "Brazilian Sleigh Bells" by Frederick Fennell from the MLP CD "Hi-Fi a la Espanola & Popovers". If you're interested, leave me a comment on my journal.


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