Sunday, July 23, 2006

Christmas In July-Part 23

Day 23 of Christmas in July, and post 900 on Ernie (Not Bert). I wasn't sure if I'd keep up with this blog when I started it, but I think I'm doing pretty good, don't you? The share for today is two versions of one song, and three versions of another. Can you dig it?

Song one is The Skater's Waltz, first as done by George Wright on the Wurlitzer pipe organ from Sweet And Low (HiFi L1011, 1963), and the second version is Will Glahe from The New Beer Barrel Polka (London Phase 4 SP 44069).

Song two is the Leroy Anderson classic Sleigh Ride. Version one is by Ian Fraser from For The Young At Heart (Richmond RPS 39009), probably my favorite of these three versions. Number two is Don Baker from his LP Cocktail Hammond (Capitol T1099). Last but not least is by the venerable Boston Pops with the even more venerable Arthur Feidler conducting, from the LP of Leroy Anderson covers Fiddle-Faddle, Blue Tango, Sleigh Ride (RCA Victor LSC-2638, 1962).

There you have it. Another five splendid Christmas tunes from the elves at Ernie (Not Bert). Download and enjoy!


Bob said...

I hope you can help me out. I have been on the lookout for the Will Glahe - The New Beer Barrel Polka album for forever, either on CD or as a download, but repeatedly come up empty handed! RATS! I have the original London/Phase-4 album from forever ago (it was my dad's). If you can help me out as to where I might be able to find either a download or CD copy of the album I would be incredibly grateful! Thanks.

Ernie said...

Bob-I don't know if that one ever made it to CD. I only grabbed the one track from the vinyl, and I'd probably have a hard time locating it now. Good luck with your quest, though. Keep haunting those Goodwill stores and you'll turn it up!

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of Will Glahe albums on vinyl that I got copied onto CD.
Have most of his better albums,
email me @