Thursday, March 16, 2006

Connecticut (7/50)

Yet another license plate for you this week. I think 100 is a litle old for skiing, don't you? You might recall I tried skiing during my last visit to Ohio. I didn't take to it. Hopefully, your mileage will vary.

Update: Someone much more up on these things than I points out that the 100 refers to the elusive goal of going skiing 100 days a year. Perhaps these people should pick a hobby that doesn't require really bad weather. Or move to Antartica. Down there, the plate would read SKI 365.

Previous plates: New York, Maine, Hawaii, Washington, Ohio, Wisconsin.


  1. Hey Ernie,

    I took up skiing this year too, and am still trying. I figure, since I started so late (at 40) I can go for another 60, right?

    Oh, and the plate hasn't expired yet...


  2. actually, the 100 isn't random. getting in 100 days of skiing in a single season is considered quite an accomplishment. I know a few people who do it year after year after year! they are freaky machines LOL.

  3. My original post mentioned that the tag had expired, but I was confused. I fixed it. And now we knoew what the 100 refers to. Now if someone could find the original Peanuts strip that refers to a yardsale, I'd be happy! :)


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