Sunday, December 11, 2005

You Sound Mahvelous!!

There seems to be no end to the people who have released Christmas songs. But for all those people who haven't released Christmas music, there is always this single from Billy Crystal, in which he does imitations of them. Much of the track is done as Sammy Davis, Jr., but he also throws in his Howard Cossell, some Ali, and plenty of the mah-velous Fernando. Please download and enjoy Billy Crystal-The Christmas Song (A&M AM-2795, 1985).

And if you're looking for Christmas singles of your own, you should visit Banana Records. I don't know if they list much online, but at their store (in St. Pete, Florida), they have about 16 boxes of Christmas 45s in stock. You can drop a lot of money real fast. And don't expect many bargains. You're there for the selection, not the prices. But oh, what a selection!

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