Tuesday, October 04, 2005


There's a whole group of record collectors out there who specialize in records for someone or something, and I myself have bought up quite a few of them. This particular one is for the father who's wife is about to have a baby. And he's really hoping it's not a girl. (Remember, this was in the days when you didn't know the sex of your newborn until the doctor came out of the delivery room, slapped you on the back and said "It's a .....") The record is Fontanna And His Orchestra-Music For Expectant Fathers (Remington 33-1911/33-1912, 1957), and to tell you the truth, I didn't listen to it. The liner notes describe it as "an album made for day-dreaming". That's not for me... But the cover is cool, the father wearing a weary, glazed over look, and the vintage toys are pretty interesting. The tie is a little bit staid, though.


Stephen said...

Ernie - this is now my new wallpaper. We are expecting our baby next month, and we're hoping it's not a girl. Perfect! Thanks for this one.

Leslie Anne Pease said...

That's my father; Robert Joseph Mc Laughlin!!!! If you would like to see more pics of his modeling days, visit my blog!!!